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About Us

Lombok Rinjani Trekking is a professional club for porters and trekking guide. Our basecamp is in Senaru, North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Barat. We are established since 1999.

We only offer expeditions that are run professionally by either our own local team or by a local operator. The actions that we have done for Mount Rinjani are: provide guidance, counseling to the porters and guides and on every our trips. We are always participating to clean up the mountain and all activities related to the nature.

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The following are some of the reasons why you should choose lombok rinjani trekking as your operator on your adventure.

We Have A Social, Cultural and Environmental Conscience!
It is vitally important that travel has a positive impact on the social, cultural and environmental aspects of the places we visit. We ensure that when you visit places with us, your presence will help those that live there, that their culture will be respected and that the environment at the very least will not be harmed.

Social Policy
We believe in fair pay for fair work. That is why our teams are not only paid above market wages (usually these market wages are below standard), but are fed well and equipped well for your expedition. You will see the difference as our teams remain highly motivated and ready to serve you on expedition.

Cultural Policy
All societies have their own rules, borne out of generations of cultural development. We are not here to change these directly, but to witness them and appreciate them as another form of human existence. While on expedition, we will respect local cultures, those developed out of religion or social norms. We ask you to respect these to, as they are no better or worse than our own.

Environmental Policy
There are many aspects to the issue of the environmental impact of travel. Flying to the destination, accommodation, food preparation and human waste control. Each of these is covered either directly by our own environmental policy or we ask you to assist by for example, offsetting your carbon emissions to get to your destination
Kami selalu bayar extra untuk setiap porter dan guide yang membawa sampah kembali

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested on our services.